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Cansporter Trash Can Carrier -

Waste Cart Transporter

Making Trash Day Easier Since 2004

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Waste Cart Carrier - Garbage Can Transporter
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Trash Can Carrier -Garbage Cart Transporter

Drive Your Trash & Recycle Carts to the Street

Lifts and secures trash and garbage carts for transport to the road

Easily move your trash can to the street.  The Cansporter is the ultimate hitch mounted cargo carrier for transporting your trash and recycle carts.  If you have trouble moving your roll-out wheeled garbage or recycle carts a long distance to the public street for collection, the Cansporter is the perfect solution and the most convenient trash hitch transporter.  A must have for simplifying rural garbage and recycle collection.  Our cart toter makes taking out the garbage and recycling easy.



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Cart is not lifted automatically.  You must
push cart to lift.  See video below.

Christmas Return Extension


Buying for a Christmas Gift? We have extended our return period to 30 days after Christmas.  The Cansporter will be the gift that keeps giving week after week.  You can purchase now with confidence that if the Cansporter is not the Big Hit of the season it can be returned during the extended return period. Merry Christmas and to all a Good Trash Night.


Simple method to haul trash and recycle cans to the street.  Proven success since 2004.

Garbage can carrier mounts to a standard hitch tow receiver on your passenger vehicle, ATV, golf cart or utility vehicle.



Lifts trash, recycle or yard waste container with ease.

Carts are suspended above the ground for transport.


Complete mobility of vehicle movement.  Drive forward or backup on steep or flat terrain. 



Carrier easily attaches and detaches from vehicle.


Transports carts from 30 to 96 gallon capacity.

Two models available.  Single cart carrier or dual cart carrier.

Single cart carrier can be expanded to dual cart carrier with additional purchase.

Constructed of heavy duty steel for excellent longevity.



Works with passenger vehicles too!!
Just add a trailer hitch receiver.  It is easy, ask us how.

More Advantages
Cart is lifted or lowered in one easy quick step.    Loads and unloads in seconds.  See video below.  A quick and easy method is important especially when lifting or lowering your cart in stormy weather.

Carrier does not obstruct use of tailgate or rear cargo door on most vehicles (so you can access the rear of your vehicle with the carrier installed and leave the carrier on at all times).  More convenient than having to remove the carrier each time you need to access the rear of your vehicle.

If you prefer, you can easily remove and install the Cansporter so it is only on your vehicle when needed.  Quickly slides in or out of tow receiver.  Single carrier weighs 20 pounds, Dual carrier weighs 42 pounds for easy installation or removal.

Minimal effort required.  Women and teenagers can easily raise or lower cart.

Cart is suspended 11 to 12 inches above the roadway for easy transport.  Virtually eliminates cart drag at steep roadway grade changes. 

Dual Cansporter carrier has independent lift mechanisms for each cart so carts of different size or weight can be transported together without hampering lift operation.  Transport one or two carts with the Dual Cansporter.

Nothing required to add to your cart.  Our carrier uses the standard mid-height bar on your cart to lift and secure the cart for transport.

Load your carts onto the Cansporter with your vehicle parked in your garage and then back out.  No need to turn your vehicle around before loading carts.  The carts are suspended above the ground allowing you to easily back up with carts attached.

The Cansporter is much more convenient than towing trash carts with a trailer.  Nothing to leave at the street except your carts.

The Cansporter has a 16 inch range of mounting heights to accommodate trailer hitch receivers of various heights. This allows you to set up your Cansporter to provided the optimum cart ground clearance for your specific vehicle. 

Lifting mechanism is located close to the rear of your vehicle. This feature along with the height adjustments significantly reduce the possiblity of cart drag at abrupt grade changes.


MSRP: $349.95 Save $70.00

Shipping: $29.95
Alaska, Hawaii & Canada additional charges

Payment options: Credit, debit or PayPal
PayPal account not required
Problems Ordering? Call us at 800 839-1987

MSRP: $229.95 Save $45.00

Shipping: $27.90 Contiguous 48 States via Fed Ex

Alaska, Hawaii  $35.00 via USPS
Canada additional charges. Please call for rate.

Payment options: Credit, debit or PayPal
PayPal account not required
Problems Ordering? Call us at 800 839-1987

CAN BE MOUNTED TO MOST TYPES OF PASSENGER VEHICLES.  ALL THAT IS NEEDED IS A TRAILER HITCH  RECEIVER.  Don't have a hitch receiver on your car?  No problem, contact us and we can explain how easy it is to add one to your vehicle. 

If you have a long driveway or live off a private roadway the CANSPORTER is the perfect way to to get your garbage and recycle containers to the public roadway for collection by the waste hauler.



Just wheel the cart to the CANSPORTER and with a minimal shove of the cart, the cart is lifted up off the ground and latched in place for transport.   Additional securing of the cart is not required.  The cart is ready for transport.   To lower the cart simply reposition a lever.   The cart remains latched in the upright position until the operator pushes the cart forward, unlatching the CANSPORTER and allowing the cart to be controllably lowered to the ground.   It couldn't be simpler.

Read what our customers are saying about the Cansporter trash cart mover.

Our Customers Write:
“Great concept, Well thought out design. Very easy to use.”
                                                 Mike W.
                                                 Aptos, CA
“Your product works great, definitely nice to have.”
                                                  Greg H.
                                                  Bargerville, IN                           
“I saw my neighbors Cansporter and knew I had to have one. You could call it the “Back Saver.” Now I won’t injure myself taking out the trash. What a great product.”
                                                               Adele M.
                                               Aptos, CA
“Wow, what a fantastic product. I am amazed at how fast and effortless I can load my full carts onto the Cansporter. Thanks for making a difficult chore so easy.”
                                                   Stacie S.
                                                   Chico, CA
“Boy does this thing work great! Just as promised and better.”
                                                              Denny S.
                                              Backus, MN
“I am very pleased with my purchase. The Cansporter works great and is exactly what I was looking for.”
                                                    Eric F.
                                                   Red Bud, IL
“I considered many ways to keep from lifting my cans into my vehicle but never really found a solution until I heard about the Cansporter. I am thoroughly impressed. The Cansporter is an effective, simple, elegant way for anyone to haul their cans. What a great solution. I now smile every time I haul my cans to the garbage pickup”
                                                Dave F.
                                                Los Gatos, CA
“I’m getting on in years and wondered how much longer I would be able to muscle my trash cans in our SUV for the drive out to the main road. Then I discovered the Cansporter. It’s sturdy, easy to assemble, ingenious design, simple and easy to use. No more back pain! The Cansporter is absolutely fabulous.
                                                                    Bob E.
                                                   Santa Cruz, CA
“I couldn’t get my husband to take out the trash so I purchased a Cansporter to make the job easy for me. I never get to use it; my husband now happily puts out the trash each week. Well, you can not get any easier than that.”
                                                  Aptos, CA
“I received my dual Cansporter a couple of months ago. I live at the uphill end of a 500' gravel drive, and I previously had to muscle the cans into the back of my van. Using the Cansporter is an effortless task, and my poor back thanks you every time I haul my trash containers! Thanks for a smart design that is simple yet sturdy. Kudos to you for a useful, truly great product!”  
                                                                Nicholas R.
                                                Lakeport, CA
 More customers have great reviews of the Cansporter.  See "Customer Reviews"

Shipping Estimate:

We will make every effort to ship your Cansporter the following business day after we receive your order.  Your Cansporter will be shipped to you via FedEx. Please refer to the shipping map to determine the anticipated transit time for your order.  The number of days indicated are business days and severe weather can delay delivery. 


With the CANSPORTER you will not:

  • Lift the full weight of the cart. -- Only minimal effort required.
  • Tie down the cart for transport. -- Easy on, Easy off.
  • Spill trash inside your vehicle. -- The cart is transported outside your vehicle and is held upright.
  • Get dirty lifting your cart. -- Only your hands touch the cart handle.
  • Get rained on walking your cart to the collection spot. -- You are inside your vehicle, the cart is outside.

You transport your waste carts to and from the collection spot over 100 times each year. You deserve the convenience of the CANSPORTER.

Refer to our "Frequently Asked Questions" page for information on installation for ATV's, UTV's and Golf Carts.

Use on your UTV.  This vehicle has a hitch front and rear.  With two dual Cansporters four carts can be transported.

Order today and make your next trash day easy

Start enjoying the convenience of the Cansporter
at your next waste and recycling collection day.

Click here to view our product line and pricing.

Tow receivers can easily be added to most passenger vehicles.  Contact us to find out more if your vehicle does not have a tow receiver.

The use of the CANSPORTER is restricted to private property only and is not intended for use on public roadways.
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